Family portraits are so important. They have been about since ancient times, from medieval canvas to modern digital print. They capture a moment in time when you are all together. Times and tastes have changed though, and I have found that more families are moving away from the ‘traditional’ sterile white background and are now embracing their local environment. Families are asking me to meet them at a favoured family spot. Somewhere which has significance to their family. Whether it is for a walk and talk, or a more formal posing session, you can simply not beat the added beauty of being outdoors. These work well for extended families too. In this example, there are three generations of the family who have come together for the weekend and asked to meet me at Turton Tower. We spent a very enjoyable relaxing couple of hours together and came away with these lovely images. I can print them for the wall, or even compile a photobook or an album depending on your preferences. I can also post them worldwide and they make incredible gifts.