Vehicle photography - case study. @Rick_gt550

Mustang 5.0 GT

mustang gt 5.0

mustang gt 5.0

I was contacted by Rick, he owns this magnificent car pictured above. He hires it out, complete with driver, for weddings, proms, events, and films. 

Rick wanted to capture the spirit of the car, show off its magnificent form and character for use on his social media channels. 

After we had discussed his requirements and I had a good understanding of what he was looking to show, I then set about scouting a suitable location, studying the weather conditions and sun positions for early evening.

Off we went to the edge of the West Pennine Moors just North of Bolton to find a quiet stretch of road under the setting sun.


Climbing up out of Bolton. 


First, we took some action shots, with Rick driving up and down whilst I tried to get motion, scenery and sunlight all in the correct relative positions. 



Capturing motion properly tells a better story 


Still ascending out of Bolton


Along the tops. 

 Once we had that in the bag, I turned my attention to some of the details on the car. Plenty of curves, angles, lights and reflections for me to get to work on. 

The key to effective vehicle photography is angles. A lower line of sight produces a more dramatic image, it projects the vehicle’s stance. A 3/4 view is the traditional car shot staple, but adding a little variety can offer you striking results. 

The iconic Running Pony badge

The iconic Running Pony badge


Classic 3/4 shot


3/4 from the rear aspect 


Relfections on the ‘hood’

Relfections on the ‘hood’

Bootlid detail shot

Bootlid detail shot

Once all the angles had been covered, I then asked Rick to drive up and down a couple of times so I could get some video and audio. Part of the attraction of this particular version of the car is the 5.0L V8 engine. It creates thunder. I will never get tired of listening to the rumble of a V8, either when it’s idling or when it is working hard. 

All that was left to do then, was to cobble it all together into a short highlight video clip.


A very enjoyable project, and we have plans for a second set later down the road. Rick is a really nice dependable guy, loves his car, and it shows. Drop him a line if you want to arrive at your wedding or event in style, with presence, and with individuality. 


Rick can be contacted at www.rickgt.com and is very active on social media.

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